Kosher Reformed

Reform Judaism, also referred to as liberal or progressive Judaism, saw its blossoming in 19th century Germany.  Its center lies in North America, and one of its differences with Orthodox Judaism is its downplaying the importance of ceremonial or ritual acts.  To quote Wikipedia, “Reform generally argued that rituals should be maintained, discarded or modified […]

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Kosher in the News

The news media has been very vocal on the kosher food industry and the benefits of kosher food.  If one were to generalize a theme that the media wished to infuse, simply look at the quote from New York Times article Variety is Spice of Rokeach Food of October 19, 1958:  “Kosher foods are synonymous in the public’s […]

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Kashering literally means “to render or make kosher”, and whether it’s for your personal kitchen or a food manufacturing plant, the methods and reasons are the same.  This can entail a major scrub down cleaning and then waiting at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next phase, which includes either torching/incinerating, soaking in a […]

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Boycotts, Women & Rioting

As recorded in the Jewish Virtual Library for the year 1902, Jewish women of the lower east side of Manhattan and surrounding areas had both boycotted and then rioted over the price and circumstances of kosher beef availability in the city’s butcher shops. Around twenty thousand of these women exercised their political muscle by aggressively marching […]

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20th Century Kosher

Although the first example of a hekhsher, or kosher certification seal, is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud, there are very limited examples for proof of such stamps in ancient and medieval history.  For the most part, the movement for kashrus observance was stimulated by the advent of processed foods in America and the problematic issues […]

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Daughters of the American Revolution

As reported in the New York Times on March 28, 1954 (“D.A.R. Joins Critics of ‘Kosher’ Speech”), a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution made a speech at their spring conference in Trenton, NJ, addressing the controversial aspects of kosher-certification proliferation.  “In her talk, Mrs. [Marian M.] Strack said ‘clandestine’ Kosher markings on […]

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Insects Not Kosher

Most everyone knows that pork is a prohibited item for consumption in the strict observance of a kosher diet. And because of pork’s prevalence in the every day eating affairs for much of our nation’s population, it has become a problem in honoring this prohibition for many followers of kashrus, especially because of its palatable […]

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Kosher Wine

Jewish law, or halacha, separates their drinkable wine into two categories: kosher or mevushal.  Because of the very strict and often difficult requirements to make kosher wine, most Jews have accepted mevushal wine. So what is this you may ask?  Mevushal wine has been brought to a near boiling temperature to religiously purify it for the […]

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Kosher Hard Cheese

Making hard cheese kosher involves full time attention from an observant Jew.  And it is this observant Jew who must add the enzyme rennet to the mixture when it is at the coagulation stage.  No other person is allowed to be substituted.  In small operations or in times of past history, this was a purely […]

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