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The news media has been very vocal on the kosher food industry and the benefits of kosher food.  If one were to generalize a theme that the media wished to infuse, simply look at the quote from New York Times article Variety is Spice of Rokeach Food of October 19, 1958:  “Kosher foods are synonymous in the public’s mind with cleanliness, purity and high quality.”  

The following are titles of articles appearing in the New York Times that are related to kosher food, its industry or certification.  In future updates of the KosChertified? app we hope to present the actual articles themselves, so that the end-user can discover the rich history of a movement.  The titles alone tell quite a story about early corruption, law making, war repercussions, early certification agencies, challenges by critics, strikes, protests, prisoner rights, price gouging, and of course – the positive benefits of kosher foods. If you have a New York Times digital subscription for their Time Machine, we have provided the details below for you to pull up the article on your own for your independent reading. Otherwise, it may be possible to read portions of the articles by searching the titles at their website

Indict 87 Dealers in Poultry Trade, New York Times 3/24/10

Meat Shops Closed by Women Raiders, New York Times 4/10/10

Board Fixes Prices for Kosher Poultry, New York Times 2/21/18

Plead for Kosher Bills, New York Times 4/04/22

Indict 87 Dealers in Poultry Trade
, New York Times 3/24/10

To Test Kosher Food Laws
, New York Times 9/01/22

State Food Label Law is Upheld
, New York Times 3/23/23

New York Defends Its Kosher Laws
, New York Times 11/22/24

Jews Skip Army Kosher Food
, New York Times 6/17/28

Jailed for Market Bribe
, New York Times 10/25/30

Rabbis Score Laxity in Kosher Observance
, New York Times 7/08/31

Fight Kosher Food Racket
, New York Times 12/01/32

To Enforce Kosher Law, New York Times 1/26/33

Reich Ban on Kosher Slaughter Brings Move to Boycott Meat, New York Times 4/07/33

Ships Serve Kosher Food, New York Times 5/14/33

Back Kosher Food Tax
, New York Times 7/28/33

Tax on Kosher Food Protested
, New York Times 8/02/33

Charge Racket in Kosher Food
, New York Times 3/15/34

Kosher Butchers Act to Change Code, New York Times 9/04/33

Kosher Code Modified
, New York Times 9/05/33

Kosher Strike is Voted, New York Times 12/06/44

Drive Stepped up on Black Market
, New York Times 12/20/44

Captured Germans Pack Kosher Food
, New York Times 1/19/45

Frozen Kosher Foods Appear on Market
, New York Times 3/19/47

Prices Rise Here on Passover Food
, New York Times 4/20/48

To Watch Kosher Food Prices
, New York Times 8/28/50

D.A.R. Joins Critics of ‘Kosher’ Speech
, New York Times 3/28/54

General Baking to Make Kosher Rye Loaf Under Rabbinical Guidance
, New York Times 11/09/54

Canned and Frozen Foods Ruled Out in Kosher Kitchen
, New York Times 12/09/54

Kosher Products Show Swift Rise
, New York Times, 1/02/57

Rabbi is Indicted on Bribe Charges
, New York Times 6/19/59

Food News: Kosher Food Rules Often a Problem
, New York Times 1/22/60

Tastes Widening for Kosher Food
, New York Times 11/06/60

Indictments Charge Kosher Meat Trust
, New York Times 6/06/62

City Issues 20 Summonses for Kosher-Laws Violations
, New York Times  6/15/65

Kosher Food Union Pickets The Astor to Protest Dinner
, New York Times 12/16/65

Klansman Fought Kosher Products
, New York Times 2/16/66

Advertising: The ‘In’ World of Kosher Food
, New York Times 2/24/66

Stamped with a ‘U’? There’s a Reason
, New York Times 12/17/68

Kosher School Lunches Urged
, New York Times 4/12/72

Kosher Food Gets Boost from Zoning Action
, New York Times 9/24/72

L.I. Rabbis Discuss Kosher Standards
, New York Times 12/17/72

Kosher-Chinese a Treat and a Feat
, New York Times 3/22/74

J.D.L. Inmates Lose Kosher Food Plea
, New York Times, 5/7/75

Calling it Kosher: How to and Why
, New York Times 5/18/75

As for the ’02 Kosher-Food Rioters…
, New York Times 7/21/77

When Keeping Kosher isn’t Kosher Enough
, New York Times 9/14/77

Chinese and Kosher: A Marriage of Taste if Not Convenience
, New York Times 1/11/78

Preference is found for Kosher Products
, New York Times 2/07/78

Kosher Pizza Draws Hungry Legislators in Albany
, New York Times 3/27/78

Kosher Home Magazine
, New York Times 5/19/78

New York Agrees for First Time To Serve Kosher Food in Prison
, New York Times 11/19/78

With Them, It’s Always Strictly Kosher
, New York Times 4/15/79

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