major riots occurred in America over kosher meat, spurring new kosher laws

As recorded in the Jewish Virtual Library for the year 1902, Jewish women of the lower east side of Manhattan and surrounding areas had both boycotted and then rioted over the price and circumstances of kosher beef availability in the city’s butcher shops. Around twenty thousand of these women exercised their political muscle by aggressively marching up and down the streets, smashing butcher shop windows, yelling threats, and dousing meats (from the shops or pulled out of the hands of shoppers) with gasoline or kerosene to render them inedible.  In a New York Times article dated April 10, 1910 entitled “Meat Shops Closed by Women Raiders”, the same sort of events arose with about 700 women.

It was violent acts like these that spurred a movement to fight kosher racketeering, which eventually led to the first New York State kosher law of 1915.

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