NKC diet

Just for fun, try to put together a dinner using only food products found in our database or other NKC (NOT Kosher-Certified) products you’ve discovered on your own. If successful in this small goal, step it up to three meals in one day.  Good to go?  Test the waters on eating an entire week without consuming kosher-certified products.  This is not easy in today’s modern world.  But the final measure of triumph for those exercising dietary free will (for one facet of our audience) would be to abstain from these certified products for an entire month – in this case you’ve conquered the Dietary Free Will Challenge for your group of consumers, and you should feel a sense of accomplishment!

To help in this challenge, here follows an alternative to grocery shopping at the main chain stores:  An increasingly popular source of farm produce, meats and dairy comes from Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) and smaller family run and local farms. Many of these pride themselves for their organic certification. Some even deliver, ship or arrange for pickups at convenient locations, or sell at your local fresh food markets.  We have no affiliation and have not evaluated the farms or services through the organization link below, but it is provided so that you may explore other options in your area.  Keep in mind that there may even be various certification intervention in these smaller farm operations, so it can’t hurt to inquire about them:

National Search:  http://www.localharvest.org/csa/

Now to be fair to those who use this app in the opposite manner, simply use our master list as an “avoid” tool and face the same challenges in strictly observing kashrus, maintaining a properly kashered kitchen, and not caving into a gentile’s world of eating habits.

Both groups in this Dietary Free Will Challenge will likely find it necessary to muster all the discipline they can scrounge in an effort to stay in the camp of their choosing.  But in the end, they will likely forge a better understanding of themselves, their heritage, and the special meaning of food in their lives!

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