Religious Liberty
Introduction Seanna Fenner, aka Odinia, is an Odinist gyðja (priestess), a völva, and the founder of the native European religious […]
(An Unsavory Kosher Practice: Promotion to Non-Jewish Vegetarians and Vegans) Introduction In the course of our research on kosher awareness, […]
Pea Canning Process
Four generations of Americans have now lived with kosher certified food, soap, detergents, food wrap, appliances and more, regardless of […]
It’s 1986, and J. Robert Thomas is excited as he awaits the approval from the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations […]
critical kosher theory
Critical Kosher Theory is a science-based and observation-driven thesis that helps define The Kosher Question.
One of the beauties of the KosChertified? App is having the ability to save grocery lists and notes on specific […]
kosher recognition
"only 10.1% of them recognized the trademarked and ubiquitous OU kosher seal"
Kosher Question
"We hold that all such Mosaic and rabbinical laws as regulate diet, originated in ages and under the influence of ideas entirely foreign..."
"The news media has been very vocal on the kosher food industry and the benefits of kosher food."
"This can entail a major scrub down cleaning and then waiting at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next phase..."