Even the following Christian take on keeping kosher has been edited for viewer protection, as Brother Nathanael does not mince words when preaching the gospel. This longer version includes biblical descriptions for “clean” and “unclean”, while comparing a prominent individual’s evasive behavior to an animal. We warn you that you may find such comparisons offensive. However, if you are 17 or older, possess an inquiring mind for orthodox Christian dogma, and wish to examine what modern society and today’s church deems too controversial, please enter your birthdate for viewing. The full uncensored version of this video can be viewed at the Brother Nathanael Foundation. His foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, where all donations are tax deductible, unlike the indirect donations consumers unwittingly make to the kosher agencies of Judaism.

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The Goy’s Guide to Keeping Kosher – “R” Rated Take