Common Kosher-Certification Seals (Hekhshers)

The group of certification seals shown above (known as a hekhsher in Judaism) are just a small sample of what you may find on over a million products worldwide. There may be over one thousand different seals out there, but those displayed on the top three rows are certainly more common in North America.  Often the symbols are accompanied by letters indicating that they include kosher meat (M), dairy (D) or neither (Pareve – P).

It is very uncommon to have the word “KOSHER” appear embedded with the seal, and when it does, it is usually too small to recognize. There are an estimated 1427 kosher-certifying agencies, vaads, councils, and kashrus authorities around the world. A detailed list of the certifying agencies with their symbols, names, addresses and phone numbers can be found here or with more details here:

If the shopper is trying to find NKC products (NOT Kosher-Certified), KosChertified? will provide a direct list to choose from.  Likewise, the kosher-keeping consumer may find our database useful as an avoid tool, thereby eliminating the cumbersome task of turning around products from side to side, seeking these certifications out and learning what few products will hinder their Kashrus diet!