Building an NKC community requires meeting others in real life (IRL) who share the NKC lifestyle, and what better place than the large variety of coffee shops. However, as far as food goes, coffee is one of the most kosher-certified products out there! Just try finding NKC (NOT Kosher-Certified) coffee in your supermarket.

Most of the big coffee chains – Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – are heavily kosher-certified. Not only are their packaged coffee and the drip coffee/espresso drinks they serve kosher-certified, but some stores (Starbucks excluded) actually enforce a kosher-certified restaurant space. This would not help the consumer choosing an NKC lifestyle. Given the lack of transparency, such followers may actually be offended if this was discovered, as it may conflict with the consumer’s religious or personal rights and freedoms. And so as a start, our Coffee Shop Search database is void of any of the three big chains mentioned.

As we get more direct information from the individual stores, we will start implementing an NKC rating scale from one to five stars. But for now, we offer up a coffee shop search that is void of any Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf franchises. We have over 35,000 stores compiled, so we’re sure you’ll find a small, local one that meets your needs!