We politely contacted 1201 leaders in the Christian church, inviting them to write an authoritative perspective on The Kosher Question as interpreted from the New Testament and Jesus. Twelve hundred turned a blind eye, even when we pleaded. However, one has lived under both religions; a Jew who converted to Christianity. We present the view point of Brother Nathanael. This page presents an abridged version that keeps the focus on “kosher”. For the longer version which expands into biblical comparisons of “clean” and “unclean” you may click here, but you’ll need to be 17 years of age or older to proceed!

(Note: For better video performance, lower the resolution through the menu imbedded in the video. Also: We are a consumer watchdog, not theology experts, and since the kosher certification industry has deeply penetrated every American’s household and wallet, it is within our due diligence to present diverse opinions and doctrines regarding this religio-intervention into our secular marketplace. Clearly there may be conflicts. Certainly, most Christian ministers are timid to broach this subject matter. This is a shortened edit of the original version which wanders outside the primary focus of the kosher laws, Kashrus. Even this comprehensive comparison between the Jews and Christians leaves out a salient point from the Bible that Christian followers may wish to consider. There may be parallels between the modern kosher certification industry and the infamous merchant business that got Jesus so upset! See John:2:14. For Christians who have not heard the term “Goy” before, it is the Hebrew or Yiddish term for the non-Jew or Gentile, sometimes used as a pejorative.)

“The Goy’s Guide to Keeping Kosher”, an edited take of an Orthodox Christian leader’s perspective on The Kosher Question

Goy’s Guide To Keeping Kosher by Brother Nathanael

Welcome Walmart Shoppers!

Your Peanut Butter, Cap’n Crunch, Foils, Dish Soap, and Cream Cheese are all marked “Kosher” for your culinary pleasure.

The “K” stands for “Kosher” and the “U” stands for the “Union of Orthodox Congregations.”

Both signify “kosher”—not as given by the Old Testament since it doesn’t deal with dish soaps and plastics— but by the Jewish Talmud which blasphemes the Lord Jesus Christ.

So if a goy, Christian or not, thinks he needs to keep “kosher,” he’s obeying the Talmud, not the Bible.

Even if he thinks he’s obeying the Bible by keeping “kosher” he places himself under the Mosaic Law and thus must keep the whole Law.

You see, Moses prescribes animal sacrifices, blood rituals, and even multiple washings every time a dead animal is touched, or menstruations and nocturnal emissions occur.

But Christians are under the New Covenant—not the Old—and all these Old Covenant bloody rituals and ablutions are done away with.

They are replaced with Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.

Eat what you want, it’s what comes out of a man that defiles him, the Messiah Jesus teaches, not food and drink.

Now since Jews make up just 1.8 % of the population, and religious Jews who keep kosher make up a fraction of this, we are looking at a major scam.

This scam means that 98.2 % of Americans who couldn’t care less about keeping kosher are forced into eating kosher.

With a rabbi present during food production, a “Kosher Tax” and a “Kosher Stamp” are branded on the foods the goyim eat.

This issues forth a ‘forced communion’ shoved down the goy’s throat aligning him with—IN HIS VERY STOMACH—with a “rabbinic-approved” Judaic World System.