Universities Go Kosher

More and more colleges and universities are going out of their way to cater to those requesting kosher food.  Just as the Harvard University Dining Services partnered with their Jewish community and created the Harvard Hillel’s Rabbi Ben-Zion Gold Kosher Dining Hall, many universities across the nation are investing significant money into bringing the kosher […]

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Heinz was First

The H.J. Heinz Company was the first large food manufacturer to mass produce a kosher-certified product for the grocery shelves in 1923.  Heinz Vegetarian Beans was the first kosher version of their popular canned pork-and-beans.

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Halal vs. Kosher

The Koran dictates religious dietary practice for observant Muslims.  Their religious diet has differences with kosher though, as the halal diet (meaning ‘fit’ or ‘proper’, just as in Judaism) is less complex.  It mainly centers around meat, but it also contains a strict ban against alcohol. Regarding meat, the halal process requires the name of God to […]

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Glatt Kosher

Where it is reckoned that a century ago Americans craving a kosher diet would have generally been satisfied with eating plain kosher meat, today is a different story.  A step above kosher meat is “glatt” kosher, and this is now the new norm as it has become more readily available.  With glatt kosher meat, the […]

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Dietary Free Will Challenge

Just for fun, try to put together a dinner using only food products found in our database or other NKC (NOT Kosher-Certified) products you’ve discovered on your own. If successful in this small goal, step it up to three meals in one day.  Good to go?  Test the waters on eating an entire week without […]

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