Donations Will Help Grow “Kosher Awareness” for All

The company behind the KosChertified? Grocery App can use your help. We have invested in market research studies, book translations, historical research, professional surveys, advertising, and of course the technology that delivers to our registered users a personalized Grocery List and Search platform. But it doesn’t end there! We are pressing forward in drafting legislation that will provide fair and honest label and cost transparency in the food industry when it comes to religious certification performed by kosher and halal agencies. This kind of attorney work will cost, at a minimum, $10,000, and it must be done now while we still have the opportunity to voice our grievances. For this effort alone, your benevolence is vitally important and most appreciated. Since this web-app is subscription-free, we rely on your donations to help it grow into a meaningful tool for the burgeoning NKC community and others who are finally becoming “Kosher Aware”! Thank you!