The Tucker Table

Most people have heard how certain organizations have literally bullied companies with the help of social media to remove their advertisements and sponsorship from Tucker Carlson Tonight, hosted on Fox News. We at KosChertified? were also targeted by yellow journalism (sponsored by journalist departments at elite universities like NYU and the NGOs that support them) primarily because of where we placed our ads. In fact, the hit-journalist confessed that there was nothing wrong with our app itself. However, even after the smear attacks on us and our product, we did not remove our advertising from the sites they disliked. Their social media hit-squad did succeed in having our listing removed from the Apple App Store permanently.

Our founder, a retired veteran with combat service, views these types of media smears, slander, and pressure tactics as an un-American form of intolerance. The more frequent these attacks occur and targets acquiesce, the more our society submits to soft tyranny and allows it to grow into a harder form.

According to one news outlet, Mitsubishi was restrained on pulling ads on Tucker’s show when under pressure to do so, and responded that their “advertising media spend is … based on demographics and psychographics, not politics.” Not politics…how refreshing! Thank you Mitsubishi!

We feel that a more civilized and democratized form of critique is to present the facts – free from the smear, slander, and social media hit jobs – and allow the consumer to exercise his/her own decision on whether to patronize the advertiser’s product. We call it The Tucker Table, but some using today’s vernacular might call it The Cucker Table.

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As referenced from numerous mainstream media sources, the following is our Search Table (search by company, industry, or alphabetical) for companies that withdrew their advertisements from Tucker Carlson Tonight amidst our new soft tyranny:

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