There are a few known issues that may create problems logging into the Grocery Search and Grocery List Pages. Other tips are added here.

  1. If you are using an iPhone, iPad, or iOS system: You may need to go to Settings>Safari and disable the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” button. You may also need to clear your cache (clear history) before you can use all the functions of this web-app.
  2. When editing an item in your Grocery List with the EDIT button, you will have to tap on it twice. Single tapping will not work on that button.
  3. Saving the website to your phone’s home screen will give it a more app-like functionality. You will likely use it more frequently in this set up, and KosChertified? will make more of an effect on modifying your dietary habits.
  4. We realize that logging in to a site like this can be a hassle, so please consider saving the password to your phone (with fingerprint or face ID help to unlock it). This will make it less cumbersome, and you will more likely use it.
  5. When making a Grocery Search, be careful about using more than one (1) drop- down criteria. Many multiple combinations will yield a reply of “No Records Found”. For instance, selecting Category “Bakery/Baking” and Sub-Category “Bacon” will produce “No Records Found” because Bacon is found in a different Category. When using Sub-Category or Type for criteria, it is a best practice to keep the other drop-down menus at “Any”.
  6. Use the Product filter to properly narrow down your search results. For instance, Sub-Category “Cheese Products” plus typing in “Swiss” will narrow your search down to swiss cheeses, but will keep out other non-cheese items that may have the word “swiss” in it, like “swiss chard” (which is a green leafy vegetable).
  7. We realize that we don’t currently have photos or images for all items in our database. This is a slow process, as our list is rather big. We do encourage users to purchase items from the picture links featured in the “Buy” column, as this will help us maintain the product images that we already have. Inactivity on these links will result in our loosing them.
  8. Do your Grocery Search on a computer or tablet at home, with the larger screen and ease of a keyboard. Then bring up your Grocery List on your phone at the store!
  9. If you have any ideas or encounter any further problems with functionality, please email us at Thank you!